Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork…

Another week and another tree chopped, pulped and pressed to process the last seven days worth of paperwork at Oointah Games.

It’s heartbreaking when your game doesn’t perform but the artwork has charm and characters have enough life in them to live on in numerous spin-offs going forwards.  Hence the paperwork.

The big question is “where does that leave Death by Game Show?”  It’s already destined for bundles and numerous sales leading into the end of 2017 but is there anything more interesting in its future?

“Yes”, I say wholeheartedly.  In the background, we have a cunning plan to make Death by Game Show simpler, more casual friendly and far more accessible.  With limited bandwidth, we’re aiming to launch the first update around August.

Yet it’s the end of year update which will prove a potential game changer but our plans for that are super top secret.

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It’s time to stretch out our rod

Last week we spoke about casting our rod in all directions trying to get momentum. So what other directions, beyond bundles and sales have we been casting? Well…

We have previously disclosed one avenue which included a mobile spin-off. As of now, we have two spin-offs muahahaha that use our loveable droids and tub of goo lead character U.H.Wutt.

Our second spin-off is an F2P mobile game which is a throwback to the classic era ye-olde button mashing Olympic games. The principle is simple, the quicker you mashed, the quicker you ran.

We’re obviously changing this up for mobile. With a focus on how to bring the retro mash-tastic gameplay to competitive mobile multiplayer.

The concept combines the above with futuristic crazy Olympic events and a progression system that advances your robotic athletes even when you’re offline.

If you have an opinion, thought or idea let us know? Otherwise check back in the future for more updates on this new Death by Game Show spin-off.

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We’re having a droidgasm

So last week we spoke about a new route for the Death by Game Show entourage. It’s all still very much in discussion, but here’s what we’re thinking.

Firstly, our WIP title is Droidpocolypse but it may become Droidgasm.

Secondly, it is inspired by Clicker Heroes. I can hear the moaning already but remember, we tried to be innovative with Death by Game Show and it backfired.

Thirdly, it’s survival based… But I cannot go into more detail that that as it’s our unique +1 feature. Isn’t that the trend? Copy and add something.

We do know there is a fair amount of Clicker Heroes clones and more release every day, like Ragnarok Clicker. Yet our game will be ad based only – so no nickel or diming you at every turn. Think of it more as a conduit from super casual clicker to intense mayhem Death by Game Show.

Expect more information regarding Death by Game Show’s sales, upcoming bundling and the mobile spin-off soon.

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The reckless abandon of sense and fair value!

Yeeeehah, there’ll be a patch released this week.  Yeeeenah, don’t get excited it’s just a bug fix.  A requested fix by a gamer who has impressively completed the game, see, we’re caring developers.  

So what’s with the radio silence last month?  Well, we were making the hard call to go bundling.  So expect to see Death by Game Show available for ridiculous prices over the coming months.  

We’ve also setup sales on Greenman Gaming to run through March.  Sales with an extraordinary price drop of 90% putting it at $0.99!  Which is a ridiculous bargain considering you can’t get a decent snack for that price.  

The best news is that Death by Game Show’s characters might be going mobile in a casual free-to-play spin-off.  More news on this soon but we’re excited about it and we hope you’ll be too once you find out more.  

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Another Year, Another Consideration

We’ve had some more feedback during the Steam Winter Sale and it’s pretty darn clear Death by Game Show is too hard, too unintuitive and worst still, doesn’t fit our envisioned target audience.  

The reason it’s too hard is simple, it’s meant to be old school arcade and we’re still being blamed for players not reducing the difficulty.  

The reason it’s unintuitive is simple, it’s not an obvious hybrid and requires trial and error.  You need to know the inputs and react, or plan to win – like in Dark Souls.  All of which making it less familiar and more complicated than traditional casual strategy games.  

The big realization is that we’ve been focused on pitching Death by Game Show as an action strategy game for twenty something core gamers but our art style, humor, and genre hybrid isn’t resonating with that target audience.  

With all three in mind, our next patch which has been in the works for a while (thanks to Unity changes) will focus on reducing difficulty via AI speed and HP.  It will condense as many inputs as possible, automating or removing where possible so that it is more obvious for casual gamers – and finally – all marketing going forwards from the patch will target casual audiences.

Fingers crossed 2017 will become year of the Game Show!

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Kickstart Death by Game Show Part Ugh

It’s been sobering and alarming how the Steam marketplace has changed since we plotted the creation and release of Death by Game Show.

The statistic revealing 70% of Steam’s current content has released since 2015 is something any and all PC developers should be noting down at this very moment.

For all developers who have released in 2015 and 2016 to find Steam a barren land, this glut of releases is possibly part of the reasoning. Especially if you didn’t reserve 50-80% of your games budget for bribes, marketing, and sexual favors.

With this brand new knowledge we’re thinking of running a Kickstarter campaign to raise enough funds to wine and dine the gaming media, to bribe them into laughter while streaming and to subconsciously influence via blatant product placement.

It’s that or use Kickstarter to try and move Death by Game Show to console…

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Please support creativity and difference this Black Friday

As a gamer first, and a developer second, I am tired and frustrated by the overwhelming support cookie cutter games continue to get.

On a weekly basis creative games fade into oblivion because they get no coverage. The risk takers are dying off, creative roles are being lost to data scientists because of familiarity and obviousness guide design, more than ideas.

With this in mind, when looking at the amazing deals on Steam this Black Friday please consider games that are different. Death by Game Show being just one of many that were made specifically to be different to the norm.

Consider the importance of what your purchases signify to publishers and developers. Vote with your wallets and don’t just follow the status quo or influencers. Your actions do change the industry, consider the influx of simulators, survival horrors etc.

It is time gaming once again became about creativity and innovation. Thank you for reading.

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Death by Game Show 1.01 Arrives

Nearly two weeks past the launch of Death by Game Show, we’ve put our heads down and been hard at work on a gigantic patch for Death by Game Show. Check out the list below with the key items highlighted.

Since we did not do much outside beta testing, getting the game out into the wild was key for us. And the reviews of the game were a great benefit to us. Of course there were a couple of typical pissy reviews, yet that’s the world and journalism in 2016, right? “I’m so wonderful and this is my agenda-driven review.”  LOL

So as mentioned, lots of great feedback from the real journalists and YouTubers – Thank you! We’ve taken a ton of it to heart.

The patch will launch late in the day on Thursday, February 4th, 2016.

Death by Game Show Patch 1.01

·         Addressed a tooltip issue on the studio’s left screen.

·         Added first pass of backstory and context to game.

·         Updated challenges 2 to 9-7 to make it less hectic, more experimental and explanatory.

·         Removed several voice effects that didn’t connect with on-screen actions accurately.

·         Reduced bonus scores given by completing Gold, Silver and Bronze milestones.

·         Fixed the bug which stopped enemy buildings without power from highlighting red.

·         Fixed a sprite issue in the Challenge Editor.

·         A method to trigger tooltips with a controller has been implemented.

·         Rank II Buildings unlock at challenge 11-2 instead 13-2.  

·         Rust in Peace building now strikes based on target, rather than target’s path.

·         Spawned coins sink slower than previously.  

·         Disable high scores on custom challenges due to cheat detection issues.

·         Remove high score entry from Challenge Editor.

·         The buzzer charge and spins accumulated from collecting coins is persistent.  

·         The buzzer spins are capped at x99.

·         Consumable droids and buildings with 81% HP or more can be packed away back into inventory.

·         Buildings can be moved with 81% HP or more.

·         Fixed a Z Depth issue on some building dialogue bubbles.

·         Fixed an issue where information popups wouldn’t appear in Challenge Editor.

·         The player’s score is no longer reset on death.  

·         If a player dies they return to a retry screen instead of back to the studio making it quicker back into the game. 

·         The droid iTCe no longer deals splash damage as there was a problem with it’s hit box.

·         The droid iTCe now only hits backline buildings, aerial droids and kamikaze’s the player.

·         The droid Mogey has been re-wrote to track aerial droids only.  They no longer attack backline buildings.  This is to balance the change to iTCe.

·         The player has been given 200% more HP.  

·         The tooltip now shows in 0.5s.

·         The studio spin bonus has been made more obvious.

·         The tooltips have been re-written to include more direction.  

·         The help file has been re-wrote to include backstory and context.

·         Re-wrote signs between challenges 1 and 13-9 to fit into context of game.

·         Moved consumable items available much sooner in the game giving the player quicker access to items. 

·         Re-wrote partial droid, host and building text to fit the game’s context.  

·         Added more background art to the editor including satellites dishes and trash mounds.

·         Ensure droid and building dialogue bubble share the same cooldown to avoid screen clutter.

·         Added a store function within the studio.  This enables the player to buy more of items they currently have 1 of.  

·         Added a dynamic UI for droid selection.  This highlights what number spawns droids and will adapt to changed numeric key bindings.

·         Updated challenges 1 through 40 to reflect changes.  

New Name & Launch Date

Once again, the last couple of months we’ve been underground working out mojo of love and the end result is the announcement on Monday December 21st that Death by Game Show (formerly known as iLikeMoney) will be arriving on Steam and other sexy digital download providers on January 22nd 2016.

Okay, first the reason on the name change. While the game is inspired by all of Mike Judge’s wonderful creations on film and TV, the predominate one was Idiocracy. Frito (Dax Shepard) was the wonderfully intoxicating line, ‘I Like Money” peppered throughout the movie. We went to Steam Greenlight as iLikeMoney (or, How I Almost Died on a Game Show) having considered Death by Game Show heavily before then. Once out of Greenlight, we felt it was the right decision to make the game a bit more accessible and not so darn clever. Then again, not calling ourselves clever, yet we do have a warped sense of humor and we figured we’d leave that for inside the game than with some crazy-ass title.

In the end, changing the name to Death by Game Show was clearly the right decision because we feel no regrets now. As for the game, it’s just getting a final spit shine in January and we’ve scheduled it for release on Steam for January 22nd, 2016 – Yay!

It’s going to be interesting. We could have gone the clone route, the zombie route, the open world route, or the 8/16-bit route, yet we decided not too. It wasn’t our style. The good news is we’re very proud of the game we’ve made, we want to support for the next several years, and there’s nothing like it in the gaming world at the moment. If anything, it’s maybe a mash up between Mario, Swords & Soldiers, and a tower defense game. What an odd combination.

Here’s a tasty new screen with tons of video of the game starting to appear the first week of January.

Death by Game Show


“Jane’s Combat Simulations” Development Update for Death by Game Show

Wanna do a J with us? Jay & Silent Bob speak our language, yet that’s not the kind of J we’re talking about today in our development update for iLikeMoney. We’re up to the letter J, and our favorite J game of all-time is an amalgamation of all of the Jane’s Combat Simulations. Back in the heyday of the late 90’s, the Jane’s line of games ruled the simulation world, including 688(I) Hunter/Killer, F/A-18, and our personal favorite – AH-64D Longbow.

Some other games in contention for the greatest J games of all-time included Jagged Alliance, Just Cause, and Juiced. While the Jane’s games may be more of a brand than a game, we’re okay with that decision.

So what’s going on this week with iLikeMoney (or, How I Almost Died on a Game Show)?

  • Between levels, our host (Wild Bill – as we call him – though he looks like a Larry) is now more prevalent in terms of letting you know what’s going on with your status.
  • We’ve connected UH Wutt and The Gimp together via a chain to tie you and your droid spawn locker together – literally. Not sure if this was a Huey Lewis & the News moment, yet for gameplay purposes, “I’m happy to be stuck with you!”
  • Rockets have been added to the game as a power-up, allowing you to take out buildings and flying droids when you get knee deep in the sh*t, but they don’t show up until more difficult levels within the game.

Finally a tasty new screen for you that is all about the Wheel of Misfortune!

iLikeMoney Game