Can you help Death by Game Show?

Are you a reviewer, game collector, YouTuber or Streamer?  Do you customise art, make levels or want to write?  Or do you know someone who is interested in, or actively does any of these things? Death by Game Show would love your help.  

If you or anyone you know is interested in any of the above, and most importantly likes the look of the game Death by Game Show please get in touch via the comments.  

We’re looking to give out limited keys to those who can help critique, expose and customise the game.  Please only comment if this is you.  

Please follow us on Twitter, YouTube or add the game to your wishlist if it interests you. Also please check out our Steam Group for Death by Game Show.

Win a $50 Amazon or Steam Gift Card!

Earn a score of more than $1,000,000,000 by April 30th in Death by Game Show for a chance to win a $50 Amazon or Steam Gift Card.  

Only a handful of players have achieved this score so far but if you think you’ve got the smarts, reactions and skills check out the game at the following links:

The game also has Russian, Spanish, German and Portuguese language packs available via the WorkShop.  

Any suggestions to make this competition better please let us know.  Thank you and good luck.

Please follow us on Twitter, YouTube or add the game to your wishlist if it interests you. Also please check out our Steam Group for Death by Game Show.

New localisations on our Steam Workshop

Since launching in January we’ve worked hard improving the game and marketing.  This weekend we’ve added new languages including Russian, German, Portuguese and Spanish to the Workshop to get feedback.

It would be fantastic if you could check out our new trailer, perhaps a lets play video or even the store page to provide feedback on what you think we need to take it to the next level?  


Lets Play Videos:

Store Page:

Please follow us on Twitter, YouTube or add the game to your wishlist if it interests you. Also please check out our Steam Group for Death by Game Show.

Death by Game Show – The Soundtrack

Oointah are happy to release the Death by Game Show soundtrack.  These seven tracks have been added to the game by Will Phillips in patch 1.03 and have a quirky, orchestral sound that is both fun and uniquely Death by Game Show.  The tracks include:

  1. Welcome to the Show
  2. Bomber Blues
  3. Droid Death Dance
  4. Fightin n’ Fiddlin
  5. Robotic Rhythm
  6. The Big Time
  7. Wutt’s Waltz

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Patch 1.03: ‘The Better Late Than Never’ Patch will launch today

Patch 1.03: ‘The Better Late Than Never’ Patch will launch today.

Yet patch 1.03 is not the only announcement today.  We are also excited to be joining UltraShock Gaming, who’ll be working hard to promote this quirky and unique title.  

Okay so what does patch 1.03 include:

  • At launch, we were too cheap, in 1.02 we were too giving.  The economy of 1.03 falls in the middle, so it should be just right.
  • We’ve been back and forth on the difficulty, our inner masochist wants a hardcore challenge but with 1.03 it’s much more balanced so anyone (almost anyone) can play, win and have a good time.  
  • With a better economy and refined progress, you’ll want to experiment with the games many droids and buildings – in 1.03 you can buy anything from the studio.  Finally, you can put all that money to good use.  
  • Reduced on-screen clutter.  Bye bye signs, bye bye tutorial pop-ups and bye bye building UI.
  • Seven new audio tracks have been added.  
  • The tutorials and levels have been refined.
  • We’ve added a Droid Noir graphics option.  It makes the game-high contrast black and white for those who prefer something more grizzly.   

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The Oointah Competition is Over!

The deadline has passed and the winner is EeuorT for his workshop submission available here:

EeuorT wins the winner of the $100 Steam Wallet prize which will be delivered early next week.  

We just want to thank you if you have submitted a video, screenshot or workshop item to #Death by Game Show’s’ community hub since our games launch.  

Although we would love to continue this competition, it’s not reaching or enticing enough players.  Therefore the competition must sadly (for us) end for now.  There will be an announcement made in the coming weeks regarding our new direction.  

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week.  

What and when is Patch 1.03?

Hey everyone, we’re hard at work on patch 1.03 and wanted to give you a quick rundown of what’s being done next:

  • Adding several new audio tracks.
  • Adding a toggle to turn off the background signs. This allows you to see as much or as little of the background story/context as you like.
  • Making challenges 9-1 to 9-7 easier.
  • More money is rewarded for coins, spinner cash prizes, destroying droids and capping inventory.
  • You can buy any item at any point. No restrictions.
  • Reduce screen clutter during tutorial levels.
  • Move building UI from game screen into Strategy Camera. Reducing screen clutter further.
  • Add VO for the game show host.

Patch 1.03 will be live before the end of March so if you have any feedback on the above please get in touch.

Please follow us on Twitter, YouTube or add the game to your wishlist if it interests you. Also please check out our Steam Group for Death by Game Show.

Death by Game Show 1.02 Available

Death by Game Show 1.02 has arrived and we’re calling it the “Look Ma, We’ve Fixed Stuff” patch.

Death by Game Show 1.01 Arrives

Nearly two weeks past the launch of Death by Game Show, we’ve put our heads down and been hard at work on a gigantic patch for Death by Game Show. Check out the list below with the key items highlighted.

Since we did not do much outside beta testing, getting the game out into the wild was key for us. And the reviews of the game were a great benefit to us. Of course there were a couple of typical pissy reviews, yet that’s the world and journalism in 2016, right? “I’m so wonderful and this is my agenda-driven review.”  LOL

So as mentioned, lots of great feedback from the real journalists and YouTubers – Thank you! We’ve taken a ton of it to heart.

The patch will launch late in the day on Thursday, February 4th, 2016.

Death by Game Show Patch 1.01

·         Addressed a tooltip issue on the studio’s left screen.

·         Added first pass of backstory and context to game.

·         Updated challenges 2 to 9-7 to make it less hectic, more experimental and explanatory.

·         Removed several voice effects that didn’t connect with on-screen actions accurately.

·         Reduced bonus scores given by completing Gold, Silver and Bronze milestones.

·         Fixed the bug which stopped enemy buildings without power from highlighting red.

·         Fixed a sprite issue in the Challenge Editor.

·         A method to trigger tooltips with a controller has been implemented.

·         Rank II Buildings unlock at challenge 11-2 instead 13-2.  

·         Rust in Peace building now strikes based on target, rather than target’s path.

·         Spawned coins sink slower than previously.  

·         Disable high scores on custom challenges due to cheat detection issues.

·         Remove high score entry from Challenge Editor.

·         The buzzer charge and spins accumulated from collecting coins is persistent.  

·         The buzzer spins are capped at x99.

·         Consumable droids and buildings with 81% HP or more can be packed away back into inventory.

·         Buildings can be moved with 81% HP or more.

·         Fixed a Z Depth issue on some building dialogue bubbles.

·         Fixed an issue where information popups wouldn’t appear in Challenge Editor.

·         The player’s score is no longer reset on death.  

·         If a player dies they return to a retry screen instead of back to the studio making it quicker back into the game. 

·         The droid iTCe no longer deals splash damage as there was a problem with it’s hit box.

·         The droid iTCe now only hits backline buildings, aerial droids and kamikaze’s the player.

·         The droid Mogey has been re-wrote to track aerial droids only.  They no longer attack backline buildings.  This is to balance the change to iTCe.

·         The player has been given 200% more HP.  

·         The tooltip now shows in 0.5s.

·         The studio spin bonus has been made more obvious.

·         The tooltips have been re-written to include more direction.  

·         The help file has been re-wrote to include backstory and context.

·         Re-wrote signs between challenges 1 and 13-9 to fit into context of game.

·         Moved consumable items available much sooner in the game giving the player quicker access to items. 

·         Re-wrote partial droid, host and building text to fit the game’s context.  

·         Added more background art to the editor including satellites dishes and trash mounds.

·         Ensure droid and building dialogue bubble share the same cooldown to avoid screen clutter.

·         Added a store function within the studio.  This enables the player to buy more of items they currently have 1 of.  

·         Added a dynamic UI for droid selection.  This highlights what number spawns droids and will adapt to changed numeric key bindings.

·         Updated challenges 1 through 40 to reflect changes.  

2016 and How Oointah Needs You

Death by Game Show is different. It’s truly skill based. It’s incredibly difficult. It requires you to play to win! Yes, PLAY TO WIN – not watch Netflix while randomly glancing back to the gaming screen.

It is because of the above that we are uncertain of how successful Death by Game Show will be. We are hopeful you get it, enjoy it and find it fun. We hope you find the customization interesting and that you’re inspired to support it via your own creativity. We feel uncertain about just how many people actually want a challenge?

We know some will hate it for it’s difficulty, rudeness, silliness or… a host of other things. However, please realize we’ve tried to make something different. Yes we’ve been influenced, but being unique was of big importance to us, too. We want to build a brand that considers and uses your feedback to help it take shape and grow.  

We have some big plans between launch (tomorrow) and June. We’s like to expand single player with some new modes, support the customization elements and build an unlockable backstory voice over. However, your feedback is a priority in moving us forward. We will take what you say seriously, so be honest and constructive where you can.

Take care and wish us luck!