The Death by Game Show Announcement Trailer

That’s right. Suckers walk, money talks, yet it can’t touch our three-lock box to paraphrase the King of Tequila, Sammy Hagar.

Death by Game Show arrives on January 22nd, 2016 on Steam and elsewhere.

iLikeMoney Defense Building: Die Superhero Die

Once a prop for a TV game show pilot where superheroes were rounded up and dispensed with, this monstrosity was sent to the landfill after several superheroes only ended up with seizures.  Having watched re-runs the droids knew it was lethal to humans; so they super-sized and made sure it works on everyone including superheroes. Except Batman. We like Batman. That is all.

What’s your damage, Little Boy? Die Superhero Die is a proximity area attack with all nearing droids are periodically electrocuted and sometimes causing an instant death.

That's Dope - Die Superhero Die, Superhero Die

Meet Mogey from iLikeMoney

The Mogey droid in iLikeMonday is all about the need for speed. Not the video game. Not any Aaron Paul references either… Bitch. He’s all about Top Gun the movie. Goose, Maverick, Duckface, Billy, and Gigawatt are his favorites. C’mon, he’s a stupid droid who used social media too much in the 21st century – So he got a few of the Top Gun characters wrong, what were you expecting!

When on the front-line Mogey increases its companions attack speed. However, even with all the speed and fire power he unfortunately can’t aim that well. Kind of like Goose.

I feel the need, the need for speed!

I feel the need, the need for speed!

Meet Watu from Plunder/p

If you’ve ever been able to hold baby carrot’s in your cheeks for more than an hour with no one noticing, then you’ll be able to appreciate the talents of Watu from Plunder/p.

However, don’t let the cute appearance fool you. Who would have thought this “home appliance” (or is it a propane tank from a grill? Mmm… Burgers) could become a vicious droid of war?  It wasn’t by choice; the instructions’ were in Pig Latin only.

When on the frontline Watu empowers its allies against defensive buildings and can knock back enemy droids with its drills.  With moderate damage and hit-points, the Watu is an all-purpose droid.

He can't ride a mountain bike, yet he can't lay waste to your droid ballz.

He can’t ride a mountain bike, yet he can’t lay waste to your droid ballz.


Monday Game Dev: Our Plans for 2015 & Your Feedback

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and have enough energy saved up for some New Years celebrations this week? You do. Excellent! Unfortunately we are skipping New Years at Oointah and will save our celebrations for when Plunder/p is a success.

As development is now on a linear path of content building and balancing, our focus is shifting from problem solving to marketing. From New Year we want to really try and get Plunder/p out and about, leading into a Kickstarter campaign that has a floating date of “sometime around February”.

Our first requirement is to ensure our game has a build that can be played at a HD resolution so we can capture “real” footage and screenshots. We highlight real because we want to show the game for what it is, and how it grows rather than how we hope it looks – which is something done far too regularly in our opinion.

We have already started releasing some content on the website in the shape of blogs, imagery and early screenshots. From the New Year we want to add development diaries, teaser trailers and possibly a podcast. With new content almost daily we will push hard on social networks to encourage followers and hopefully get your feedback – as that is VITAL for Plunder/p’s path forwards.

We hope you join us on our adventure forwards. Thank you for reading and have a Happy New Year!  

Our feedback is set to 11.

Our feedback is set to 11.

Plunder/p Defense Building: The Cannon Mess

You’ve probably never heard of Steve Cannon, our favorite radio personality of all-time. He’s the inspiration for The Cannon Mess, a new defensive structure in Plunder/p coming in the Spring of 2015 for PC/Mac computers. Steve has passed on, yet during the 70’s, 80’s, and the 90’s he did an afternoon drive show in Minneapolis/St. Paul at WCCO Radio. No guests, no callers, just him and his cast of voices including Ma Linger, Backlash Larue, and Morgan Mundane. In our minds anyone that features barking dogs, AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell,” and closes each show with “I Got The Money” – well, that’s our kind of inspiration.

In the game, the Cannon Mess is a kill switch which attacks and fries any aerial enemies. It’s origins come from a point where drone deliveries were more likely to kill than deliver, some clever chap built a huge shotgun and told their once loyal droid servant to scout the skies for incoming drones.  Those days of watching the skies are gone but these shotgun towers still have many uses.

The Fearless Prognostication is for a 'Droid poundin'!

Monday Game Dev: Think Pac-Man, Resogun or Gold Miner

This is our last day of development before Christmas and it feels good to finally have a build that feels like a game. There is something entertaining about speed-running-destruction with what plays like an RTS in an arcade games clothing. When playing you get this Whack-a-Mole vibe, yet one where accuracy is swapped with strategy. Just considering a multiplayer “King of the Hill” style game mode in this is pretty cool!

So what next? Content building. When we moved from being a sandbox we lost the luxury of giving the player a blank canvas. We now need content for the player to WIN in. As a big fan of arcade style games we prefer quick-play over lengthy linear experiences. Think Pac-Man, Resogun or Gold Miner.

So how does a sandbox fit into a quick-play arcade game? In Plunder/p your buildings are key. The more you have, the more you can mitigate an enemies attack or dominate an enemy base. In normal mode you always have access to these buildings through proximity, you can manage positions and re-think defenses on-the-fly. In ultra mode we take that luxury away by giving the player an entire planet to manage.

Plunder/p doesn’t tell the player how to win, it just gives you the tools and the arcade milestones to beat.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Oointah.  


“I’m gonna take you down – down, down, down. So don’t you fool around. I’m gonna – pull it, pull it – pull the trigger.”

Meet NS Bowers from Plunder/p

To properly describe the star of our show – N.S. Bowers – would be to say he’s got the agility of Tommy Boy, the savvy-intuition of Uncle Buck, and the quick-wit of… Peter Gibbons. No wait, Peter Dinklage. No, that’s not right. Peter Griffin? Either way, he’s all peter!

NS is ready to rock Plunder/p and win big. He may be working on a his 3rd heart attack and have the fashion sense of Beatrix Kiddo The Bride, yet NS is a good guy trying to do what’s right for his family and humanity. Plus, if he wins big there’s promise of a lifetime of free Fuddruckers.

Recently we caught up with N.S. Bowers and asked him what the N and S stand for him in name. With a glazed look, he responded with, “Not Sure.” Clearly he’s leery of the media and he was being coy, yet we’ll continue to ask and sneak around to find out what NS really means.

Turns out his eyes weren't bigger than his stomach!


Monday Game Dev: Stuck in the Plunder/p Queue

Another week, another challenge to overcome.  Who would have thought the idea of adding a “queue” to a spawning system could pose so many variables?  It all started one afternoon, what began as a simple system grew into a multi-wave overly complex series of “what-ifs” that when combined collapsed under countless issues.

Our challenge when moving to an arcade game was to ensure a player could move and play without penalty.  Our prototype forced the player to be stationary to spawn offensive units which without a queue was incredibly limiting.  Our first solution was a simple queue with a “go” button; this solution needed no explanation as the UI (user interface) spoke for itself.  Ideal!

However, we started to add to it.  Firstly we added multiple waves; which then posed the question “how do we manage placement?”  “How does it work with resource management?”  “What happens if you remove a droid?”  And with each new question a new problem was introduced.  It is unclear why we went down this path but the moral of the story is – in a game with many moving parts; keep it simple – or face the problem of having to explain everything to the user.

We're stuck in the queue with John Luck Pickard!

We’re stuck in the queue with John Luck Pickard!


Monday Game Dev: From Trabant in Prototype to Ferrari During Alpha?

We are now eleven weeks into our first Oointah title and the last three of those have been a real journey. What started out as a sandbox RTS is now an arcade high-score game. Yep, your right – this does sound like a full re-design but on this occasion it strangely isn’t.  Our only real changes include a reduction of scope and introduction of win-scenarios.

So why did we change path?  Truthfully, our prototype failed.  From such a simple build there was too much confusion over what should have been common RTS or sandbox game flows. Immediately it became clear we were doing too many things differently and our tester’s lack of familiarity would lead to countless instructions. We knew too much hand-holding would only turn gamers off from what we wanted to make and we couldn’t risk that.

Ironically, by focusing on an arcade high-score game we can still deliver what we wanted originally; a fun and quirky game filled with pop culture references. Now into Alpha we are making strides towards our Kickstarter campaign around Spring, we desperately want a fun build to entice. Check back next Monday to see if our first title has morphed again.

You have to build a Trabant before you can build a Ferrari

Sometimes you have to build a Trabant before you can build a Ferrari