If it’s not twitching, it’s likely dead already

In a galaxy far far away, and one we’ve likely been ported from unknowingly, the Nike slogan is Don’t Do It and everyone wants to run into the light rather than stay away from it. What am I on about? Positivity. Momentum. And more importantly positive momentum… Or Deja vu as the case maybe. We […]

It’s the end of the world as we know it

When I was a lad, kids use to play out and old people stayed married. What has happened to this world? Technology. The blinking light of a notification waiting for view has all the character and personality of the modern masses. An empty glare momentarily on and then just as quickly idle of expression. It […]

Steam, huh, yeah, What is it good for…

Absolutely nothing. Say it again, y’all. I know that is harsh, but it’s crystal clear the uniqueness of Steam is largely smoke and mirrors. The illusion of millions of gamers having huge libraries of games might make you believe the consumer market is strong but outside of mega sales, bundle activations and key giveaways, Steam […]

We’re having a droidgasm

So last week we spoke about a new route for the Death by Game Show entourage. It’s all still very much in discussion, but here’s what we’re thinking. Firstly, our WIP title is Droidpocolypse but it may become Droidgasm. Secondly, it is inspired by Clicker Heroes. I can hear the moaning already but remember, we […]

The reckless abandon of sense and fair value!

Yeeeehah, there’ll be a patch released this week.  Yeeeenah, don’t get excited it’s just a bug fix.  A requested fix by a gamer who has impressively completed the game, see, we’re caring developers.   So what’s with the radio silence last month?  Well, we were making the hard call to go bundling.  So expect to […]

Pre-emptive Good Intentions

In a previous blog I spoke about a looming update that would reduce the difficulty, and then went onto explaining how. That explanation, albeit with good intentions was pre-emptive. Don’t grab those pitchforks yet as there is still a patch coming. It will include 15+ changes, mostly minor but they should accumulate to a big […]

Another Year, Another Consideration

We’ve had some more feedback during the Steam Winter Sale and it’s pretty darn clear Death by Game Show is too hard, too unintuitive and worst still, doesn’t fit our envisioned target audience.   The reason it’s too hard is simple, it’s meant to be old school arcade and we’re still being blamed for players […]

Death by Game Show Giveaway and Super Sale

From December 22nd to January 2nd Death by Game Show is fighting the Indieapocolypse and needs your help!   Each day we’ll give away a number of game keys on varying YouTube, Twitter, Websites and Steam Groups.  The amount we giveaway is completely influenced by YOU!!!! The more you share, like and retweet the source […]

Kickstart Death by Game Show Part Ugh

It’s been sobering and alarming how the Steam marketplace has changed since we plotted the creation and release of Death by Game Show. The statistic revealing 70% of Steam’s current content has released since 2015 is something any and all PC developers should be noting down at this very moment. For all developers who have […]

DbyGS Boxart

Please support creativity and difference this Black Friday

As a gamer first, and a developer second, I am tired and frustrated by the overwhelming support cookie cutter games continue to get. On a weekly basis creative games fade into oblivion because they get no coverage. The risk takers are dying off, creative roles are being lost to data scientists because of familiarity and […]