Monday Game Dev: Spy vs Spy vs iLikeMoney

It feels good to finally have a build that feels like a game. There is something entertaining about speed-running-destruction with what plays like an real-time strategy (RTS) in an arcade games clothing. When playing you get this Whack-a-Mole vibe, yet one where accuracy is swapped with strategy. It’s easy to visualize how it could become a Spy Vs Spy style multiplayer – a race off to victory.

So what next?  Content building. When we moved from being a sandbox we lost the luxury of giving the player a total blank canvas. We now need content for the player to WIN in. As a big fan of arcade style games we prefer quick-play over lengthy linear experiences. Think Pac-Man, Resogun or Gold Miner.

So how did a sandbox fit into a quick-play arcade game? In iLikeMoney your droids and buildings are key. The more you have, the more you can mitigate an enemies attack or dominate an enemy base.  iLikeMoney doesn’t tell the player how to be a success, it just gives you the tools, a goal and then leaves you to clear the pathway to to escape.

"I spy a spy."

“I spy a spy.”