Monday Game Dev: iLikeMoney on Linux

It’s been a chaotic couple of months since our ‘behind the scenes’ feedback during the Game Developers Conference (GDC).  Everyone seemed to be intrigued and comments included how unique it was, potential to be more than just a game, how fun it was, great art style, and more. We obviously had a lot of constructive feedback too and that is where our focus has been recently.

During our time beavering away we have had the game running on Ubuntu and Fedora (Linux).  This means we will now launch on PC, Mac and Linux in 2015!  We will also look to other platforms and have been testing successfully on iPad Air recently.

Development is currently on track and although it’s crunch time we look forward to showing the game early May, including the release of our first trailer.  Exciting times are ahead and all at Oointah hope you enjoy our upcoming reveals.  Thank you for reading and keep posted for updates.

Unlike South Pole versions, this penguin doesn't stink!

Unlike South Pole versions, this penguin doesn’t stink!


iLikeMoney Defense Building: Scrote Hammer

You know what they say, “Hey Scro’, watch out for your scrote!” And that’s some sound advice as this hammer that will lay waste to parts that you hold sacred. Where this contraption came from is unknown but its brutality could only originate in the mind of an entertainment producer from Japan.

The Scrote Hammer is duel swinging hammers that thwack close range enemy droids into oblivion.

Scrote Hammer from iLikeMoney

Ow! My Balls