The Tech of iLikeMoney

When you look at the history of video gaming on the planet Earth (as opposed to Uranus?), its obviously been all downhill since the release of the Voodoo 2 video card, right? In early 1998 the video game world built to a crescendo (like Elle Driver, we so rarely get to use that word in a sentence) just before the Voodoo 2 arrived on the scene. When it was released SharkyExtreme and Tom’s Hardware declared it the greatest moment in the history gaming and that was that.

Thus talking about the tech of iLikeMoney is like Rebecca Black giving song writing and production advice to Mutt Lange. However, here goes nothing…

  • The ILM engine (George Lucas Disney gonna sue somebody) is a product of Unity 4.6.2, or something (did 5.0 actually come out?). 
  • We’re making it sexy at 1080p with a native resolution of 1920 x 1080.
  • And yes, while we’re “only” doing 60 frames per second (FPS), it’s a constant and robust 60FPS.  
  • We’re running on the biggest and baddest PC platforms which include Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Yeah, frickin’ Linux!!
  • The game can run on an Ouya console at 720p at 60FPS, if we want it too. Poor Ouya.  🙁
  • We’ve even had it running on an iPad, yet we’re “chew-you-up-and-spit-you-out” game play, not sure (HEYO) if the game fits with the Candy & Clash crowds.

We know your reaction to this is just like your Doctors reaction when he asks you to disrobe… “Wow!”


“Doom” Development Update for iLikeMoney

The Doom marine. Classic to the core. We played the sh*t out of Doom and Doom II back in the 1990’s. Besides the great single-player experience, we’d take to Dwango Minneapolis to play online. In fact, some of the guys even made deathmatch levels for the game. The best of the bunch were clearly the Disco wad by TKO and the Condiments wads by Funny. Who else was on Dwango Minneapolis back then? Spaz, Curly, TC (our fearful leader), and many others. Good times.  The other games we considered for the development update name were Dark Souls, Deathspank, Duke Nukem 3D, and Diablo.

iLikeMoney is not Doom, yet we think it’s pretty cool and definitely fun. Here’s our update…

  • Development is onto the final hurdles. Finalizing functionality and improving the presentation.
  • The game now has visual depth and will have more atmosphere (weather) added before release.
  • Cut scenes and voice overs are being prepared ready for implementation.

Speaking of visual depth, we’ve added layering and shadows to the game. And we’ve fixed some clipping issues. Behold the love…

iLikeMoney Game Screen  May 27 2015

iLikeMoney Droid: Watu in Action

“Ding dong beeches” is his calling card. And it’s those two drills that are attached to his propane tank body that will have you running scared in iLikeMoney. Actually, when Watu is one of your minions, you can have these droids be your bustafication disciplines when the game starts pounding with you Hammies.

Drill baby, drill – Check out Watu in action.


Watu Wiki

  • This droid attacks the first thing it comes to with twin drills of fury.
  • When on the frontline Watu empowers its allies against defensive buildings and can knock back enemy droids with its drills.  With moderate damage and HP the Watu is an all-purpose droid.

“Counter-Strike” Development Update for iLikeMoney

The update today for iLikeMoney is brought to you by our new boat christened the Seaward. Wait, that sounded somewhat inappropriate. What we mean is the letter C. And the greatest “C’ game of all-time is Counter-Strike.  We started playing this master around the 0.6 version back in 1999 when Minh “Gooseman” Le and Jess “Cliffe” Cliffe were making it sexy. Since then it’s gone onto become a juggernaut on Steam and The other games we considered for the development update name were Call of Duty, Civilization, and Command & Conquer. Finally, remember we see iLikeMoney as Castle Crashers meets Hotline Miami meets Joe Danger with an Idiocracy cherry on top.

Here’s where we are with iLikeMoney development right now:

  • Negatives in the game right now include: the latest build isn’t compatible with two challenges previously made (minor issue), the rewards have a bug which causes them to be delivered at 1px in scale (easily fixed) and we’re slightly behind the planned implementation.
  • We had hoped to have options->exit game included but that’ll be next week as fixing bugs, game flow and audio have taken priority.
  • Everything is still on schedule for end of May (function), with June focused on polish.

Finally, a new tasty screenshot of the game in-action.  BTW, screenshots don’t do this game justice at all.



The Two-Fisted Stroke Machine in Action

First to the bad news – This wonderful device did not make the final cut for iLikeMoney. However, it does appear in the game as basically an NPC (non-player character). It will just be in the background on different planets.

The Two-Fisted Stroke Machine was originally intended as a harvester to help you build up resources in iLikeMoney. However when the game underwent a change around Christmas of 2014, the harvesters got the boot. Fortunately the art and animation had already been created thus allowing us to enjoy its heavy petting action.

You can’t tell us that one part of the Two-Fisted Stroke Machine doesn’t looks like two pairs of hands ladling out a big helping of pleasure!


iLikeMoney arrives this summer for PC, Mac, and Linux.

“Burnout” Development Update for iLikeMoney

The update for iLikeMoney today is courtesy of a great car crashing game called Burnout.  The game was “the first in a series of high-speed racing games noted for over the top crashes and high risk gameplay” and man was it a lot of fun. With Guitar Hero and Rock Band coming back, here’s hoping someone is working on a Burnout game for PS4/XBOX One. A handful of other games we considered for the development update were the great Battlefield, BioShock, and Borderlands games.

We dream one day iLikeMoney can be as sexy as those games. Here’s the “blah” (RIP, Billy Wilson of VoodooExtreme) for today:

  • Game flow is confirmed but we’re still making adjustments to the intro sequence (and story trailer) ready for audio scoring.
  • Two key issues (shadows under items and background clipping) will be handled in the build this week.  This puts us in a good position to start cutting game play footage for the trailer.
  • Additionally two new mechanics have been identified that’ll improve the game play flow.  The first is a combo system which includes critical hits and summoning specials.  The second is adding variables to Giant enemy spawns.

iLikeMoney Game Studio

This image is of the studio and shows the screens that chart a players progression. We have the left unlock screen, this gives rewards and unlocks based on monetary milestones.  The right screen which pits the player against three fictional characters in a step-by-step leaderboard.  The monetary value the player currently holds at the top and challenge select in the middle.  You can also see the buildings and droids available within the level (listed as items available to win).

PinkrTON in Action

One of our favorite droids from iLikeMoney, which comes out this summer for PC/Mac/Linux. Yeah, even Linux – Holy crap!

The PinkrTON is pure-and-unadulterated insanity in the 26th century. The great news about PinkrTON is that it’s your best friend… As long as you’re not being attacked by her.


PinkrTON Wiki

  • This droid wields a huge mortar which packs a punch. 
  • When on the frontline PinkrTON adds splash damage to its allies attacks, with high damage and low HP the PinkrTON is the good, the bad and definitely the ugly. 

(Archon) Dev Update for iLikeMoney

Starting now all development updates will be given a code name that comes from a game we have loved playing in the past. Today we could have selected Autoduel, Age of Empires, or Assassin’s Creed, some of our favorite “A” games, yet we’re going with Archon. If you don’t remember the game, it’s a great game from circa 1983 where it was a chess meets combat arena mashup-type of game.

Now onto the good stuff and the update on iLikeMoney along with a tasty, tasty new screen from the game:

  • There were four build iterations in the last week that included adding save game functionality along with game flow.
  • The latest build includes rewards, high score, navigation between challenges and layout tool improvements.
  • 18/36 Challenges are done and tested (would be 21 but three use giant droids which we currently do not have proper functionality in for).  These lack final visual polish (we want tumble weed and other moving parts in background), high score values and complimentary menu imagery (the latter two will be done for Monday).


Yeah Bitch! Magnets! in Action

We’re a naughty-hair from being at beta with iLikeMoney and want to start showing off some of our wears. Today it’s Yeah Bitch! Magnets in action!

If you know your pop culture, you know that line (“Yeah Bitch! Magnets!”) was uttered by one of our favorite fictional meth cooks, Jesse Pinkman, in the Live Free or Die episode of Breaking Bad. Ironically, that episode has the same name as an episode of The Sopranos. That episode of The Sopranos reminds us that we need something in iLikeMoney named after “Johnny Cakes.”

Behold the launch attack action of Yeah Bitch! Magnets! in the upcoming 26th century arcade/action game iLikeMoney. Coming this summer for PC/Mac/Linux.

Yeah Bitch Magnets


Yeah Bitch! Magnets! Wiki

  • The inventor of the toaster did not realize they had the perfect blueprint for long range attacks.  The droids simply made toasters HUGE and armed them with all kinds of hot pockets.
  • Yeah Bitch! Magnets! is a long range crowd control tower that uses magnets to pull back advancing droids.