“Grand Theft Auto” Development Update for iLikeMoney

Damn straight, you’ve finally found the “G” spot at Oointah. We’ve made it to “G” with our development updates titled after games that we’ve loved and that have influenced us. While Gears of War (CliffyB ate my hamster), Goldeneye (Danny’s all-time favorite), and Guitar Hero (“You’re a guitar hero – nobody wants to hear you play keyboards!” – David Lee Roth), we’ve opted to go with the granddaddy of “G” games – Grand Theft Auto.

You know what, these days Hotline Miami almost feels like the original Grand Theft Auto in some ways to us. Wonder if in 15 years, Hotline Miami V will have a $400 million opening day? Regardless, from the very start with number one to the latest incarnation of GTA, it’s always been a sexy and awesomely fun game. Plus the Crockett & Tubbs fashion and soundtrack make it one of the greatest of all-time.

Right now we can’t compete with GTA (or even Hotline Miami), yet with this update we’re on the way especially with a built-in level creator/editor. Sexy, indeed.

Development update for iLikeMoney

  • With the visual change several elements were added but not tested and cleaned within the challenge editor.  Elements include adding signs and animated backdrop buildings.  These are now in.
  • The editor has been made more user friendly.  Its definitely a development tool first and foremost but its now ready to release with the product.
  • Challenges up to 31 have been done, with only set dressing with new visual elements missing.


Madichin in Action

They call her Madichin. She’s the deadliest droid with a knife. In fact, Beatrix Kiddo and Elle Driver are the only humans who could match Madichin’s sword play battle skills. Check out her in action as she’s got the ninja moves of death, along with an explosive kamikaze ending when she’s ready to meet her maker.



Madichin Wiki

  • Ninjas are cool.  Robots are cool.  So a ninja robot has to be double cool right?  Well, it’s not a ninja robot but a sushi droid but it could be a ninja robot, look at it! 
  • This mechanical ninja is lethal against enemy droids.  
  • When on the front line Madichin empowers its allies against power plants yet cannot attack buildings itself.  Madichin can only attack enemy bots.


“Fallout” Development Update for iLikeMoney

There were certainly a ton of games to choose from for our “F” update today, yet in the end we’re going with Fallout. Obviously everyone is all creamy these days as Fallout 4 is on the horizon. The Fallout 4 Trailer, no doubt inspired by Don Draper himself, had some mixed reviews, yet in the end it’s all about game play. Some other games we considered for the update that have inspired us included Fable, Forsaken, Far Cry, and Final Fantasy. Yet in the end, we’re all “jiminy jillickers” with Fallout, boy.

We sent out a beta build of iLikeMoney to a number of people last week to some interesting reactions like “what am I suppose to do?” and “WTF, am I a moron?” Hence, our work this week…

  • With feedback the game studio environment is currently being refined to be quicker into a challenge.
  • Due to feedback a robust tutorial is planned and ready for implementation helping players into the challenge.  Additional aids include video previews of challenges and animated overviews for buildings and characters.  All are pending to be made over the coming 1.5 months.

Another new tasty screen for you with video on the way before the end of June.

ilikeMoney Game

Damn, we’d like to teach the world to play Fallout 4 (in perfect harmony)!



The Harvester of Sorrow in Action

What a pathetic piece of equipment the Harvester of Sorrow is in the our PC/Mac/Linux game iLikeMoney coming during the summer of 2015.

So you want the backstory? Turns out global cooling global warming climate change was real, as we find out in the 26th century. Unfortunately, the polar caps didn’t melt and we weren’t able to water ski through Central Park or down Santa Monica boulevard – that would have been cool. The result of “climate change” was the wind stop blowing. What bitter irony that governments funded all those wind turbines to prevent climate change and now there is no wind, except after we finish those tasty bean burritos – HEYO!

Thus to make this bad boy go, a droid had to be placed at the top since wind doesn’t exist in the 26th century. Language of the mad, indeed. Regretfully the Harvester of Sorrow, like the Two-Handed Stroke Machine, is an NPC in the game.

Anger… Misery… Thankfully you’ll won’t suffer unto thee.

iLikeMoney Game



“E3” Development Update for iLikeMoney

While there are a number of great games that start with the letter E like Eve Online, EverQuest, and Elder Scrolls, for today’s development update we opted to go a little off-the-rails and call this the E3 update. As the great Lyndon Carr once said to us, “You may have missed E3 this year, yet you can always go to E4 next year!”

Our first experience at E3 was back in 1998 and 1999 in Atlanta. What do we remember? Hot, sticky, and over-priced, and that was just in our hotel rooms! However we did get to meet some future giants like Tim Sweeney, Mike Wilson, and Ray Muzyka. The good news for them is that they probably don’t remember us. Another highlight was seeing Duke Nukem Forever shown by George Broussard and a little of Interstate ’82 action! If nothing else, Atlanta stands out more than our treks to Los Angeles for the above reasons.

Us, name drop? Never.

The update today includes these gems:

  • We have arrived at beta. YAY!
  • Our objective now to have a robust build ready show off to the sexiest game fans.
  • The games first trailer will be cut very soon in preparation for the big Steam Greenlight push in early June.

Here’s a new tasty image from the game. Not sure if this will get us an Adults Only rating! 🙂