“Half-Life” Development Update for iLikeMoney

Hell yeah, we’re up to “H” with our development updates. It’s been a couple of months since the last one, and we apologize. We’re guessing that like our Moms, you figured we were lying in a ditch somewhere. (Almost.) Actually, we’ve been balls deep in play testing and balancing the game. And It’s a pretty freakin’ good game, and we’re proud of it.

So what game did we choose for our “H” update? Of course the grand daddy of box and crate games – Half-Life, baby. Morgan may have the pipes, yet Gordon Freeman is the man… And actually looks a lot like Blue from Blue’s News. Unlike Redwood and sCary, Blue is still rockin’ in on a daily basis if you didn’t know.  So why did we love Half-Life over other games like Halo, Heroes of Might & Magic, and Homeworld? Because that long tram ride in to start the game set the scene so beautifully. One of the finest moments in gaming.

On to the development update for iLikeMoney

  • Lots of play testing, level balancing, and getting feedback from friends and other developers.
  • Some really fun voice over special effects (VoFX) are now in. They just need to be balanced as some of them play WAY TOO MUCH. Yeet, anyone?
  • Been showing the game to some special publishers that are interested in a love-making session, yet we need an engagement ring first. In the end, perhaps we’ll just end up waxing philosophical ourselves. Kinky!

Speaking of being probed…

iLikeMoney for PC/Mac/Linux