The Death by Game Show Announcement Trailer

That’s right. Suckers walk, money talks, yet it can’t touch our three-lock box to paraphrase the King of Tequila, Sammy Hagar.

Death by Game Show arrives on January 22nd, 2016 on Steam and elsewhere.

The Force Awakens with Death by Game Show

That’s right, some Star Wars movie came out this past weekend. Once you’re done with that, we’d love for you to you to check out our new game.  

On January 22nd, 2016 we launch Death by Game Show for Win/Mac/Linux. It’s a big deal for us but we know it’s just another indie game for you. So what makes it worthy of your time?  

Yes, we’re gamers – blah blah blah. Yes, we love games – blah blah blah. Yes, we’re serving a niche – blah blah bloody blah. That is the usual waffle given from a fresh faced developer.  The biggest thing we can say is that, Death by Game Show wasn’t built around trends, what publishers say or what analytics dictate.

Our key goal was to be different and we’ve achieved that!  

The question is, is it a bit too different? Will gamers support a game that wanted and tried to be different? We’ll see.  Get ready to witness our success or failure in 2016.  

In the meantime, have a wonderful Christmas if you’re celebrating and remember, get your twitch-action & strategy skills ready for the New Year…  You’re going to need them for this bad boy!

Now check out Madichin about to take out a Watu in Death by Game Show!

Death by Game Show

New Name & Launch Date

Once again, the last couple of months we’ve been underground working out mojo of love and the end result is the announcement on Monday December 21st that Death by Game Show (formerly known as iLikeMoney) will be arriving on Steam and other sexy digital download providers on January 22nd 2016.

Okay, first the reason on the name change. While the game is inspired by all of Mike Judge’s wonderful creations on film and TV, the predominate one was Idiocracy. Frito (Dax Shepard) was the wonderfully intoxicating line, ‘I Like Money” peppered throughout the movie. We went to Steam Greenlight as iLikeMoney (or, How I Almost Died on a Game Show) having considered Death by Game Show heavily before then. Once out of Greenlight, we felt it was the right decision to make the game a bit more accessible and not so darn clever. Then again, not calling ourselves clever, yet we do have a warped sense of humor and we figured we’d leave that for inside the game than with some crazy-ass title.

In the end, changing the name to Death by Game Show was clearly the right decision because we feel no regrets now. As for the game, it’s just getting a final spit shine in January and we’ve scheduled it for release on Steam for January 22nd, 2016 – Yay!

It’s going to be interesting. We could have gone the clone route, the zombie route, the open world route, or the 8/16-bit route, yet we decided not too. It wasn’t our style. The good news is we’re very proud of the game we’ve made, we want to support for the next several years, and there’s nothing like it in the gaming world at the moment. If anything, it’s maybe a mash up between Mario, Swords & Soldiers, and a tower defense game. What an odd combination.

Here’s a tasty new screen with tons of video of the game starting to appear the first week of January.

Death by Game Show