2016 and How Oointah Needs You

Death by Game Show is different. It’s truly skill based. It’s incredibly difficult. It requires you to play to win! Yes, PLAY TO WIN – not watch Netflix while randomly glancing back to the gaming screen.

It is because of the above that we are uncertain of how successful Death by Game Show will be. We are hopeful you get it, enjoy it and find it fun. We hope you find the customization interesting and that you’re inspired to support it via your own creativity. We feel uncertain about just how many people actually want a challenge?

We know some will hate it for it’s difficulty, rudeness, silliness or… a host of other things. However, please realize we’ve tried to make something different. Yes we’ve been influenced, but being unique was of big importance to us, too. We want to build a brand that considers and uses your feedback to help it take shape and grow.  

We have some big plans between launch (tomorrow) and June. We’s like to expand single player with some new modes, support the customization elements and build an unlockable backstory voice over. However, your feedback is a priority in moving us forward. We will take what you say seriously, so be honest and constructive where you can.

Take care and wish us luck!


Death By Game Show vs One Billion Dollars

The other day we reached out a guy who’s business card describes himself as “Smoke Blower.” No, really. When we inquired, he told us for a nominal fee that he’d literally blow smoke up our @ss. We exchanged some cash and asked him for his prediction on the first month for Death by Game Show. He told us of a great success in our future, on par with that of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Apparently, our glowing bits, explosions, melee whack-a-mole, a hero dying, comedy quips and droids equal LucasFilm-like business. 

Regarding that nominal fee we paid him? It was only like $220 plus all that meat he sold us out of the back of his van. You want a kielbasa?

So with that $1.1 billion opening month prediction we’ve mortgaged the future and started development on our new game which is an UNREAL engine powered 8-bit, open world, zombie-infested, multiplayer only, female protagonist, choices matter, and “whatever-else-is-the-flavor-of-the-day” game. We’re calling it Rocket Bro’s Under the Tale of Her Narrative in the Undead Dying Light. And there will be a Special Edition with a bonus Dinosaur DLC.

So… We got that going for us, which is nice. As well as our sense of humor, which will no doubt confuse some and tickle the fancy of others. Others meaning our kind of people.

Serious for a moment: Launch day is Friday for Death by Game Show. What are we feeling? Mixed emotions, like a politician going over a cliff… In our new Maserati. We’re really excited the game is finally coming out. And we’re really terrified that the game is finally coming out. We’ll keep you updated.



The Upcoming ‘Punch Kick Uhh Son Uhh Son’ Combo

Death by Game Show is heading into the final 100 meters. A sprint where we desperately try to showcase the game to as many people who give-a-sh*t before the January 22nd launch.

So how much clout does an unknown developer with an unknown IP without a publisher have? Apparently a little! However we can’t buy coverage on a BIG outlet… But we could buy reviews… Oh the irony of this industry.  

So this blog post is for websites looking for a game that’s a little off-the-wall, strange and WTF. Yet be warned Death by Game Show is a new mash-up of concepts. It’s not a game you can WIN by headbutting the keyboard. And it’s definitely not a game where you’ve seen everything within 5 minutes. So if you have Attention Deficit Disorder jog on!

With Death by Game Show you need skill, patience, reaction and awareness. A wrong move is often your last move and if you’re a big wimp don’t bother playing as no doubt something said, read or heard will upset your delicate senses.  

There, there, nevermind, did the bad man say a rude word…  

Death by Game Show, a game for gamers with cojones.  And Anna Faris – We just love her!!

Let’s Play – Death by Game Show: Level 4 thru 6

We’re going 4 to 6 deep today with a brand new Let’s Play from Death by Game Show, which lands on Steam and the other great (but not good) PC game distributors of love on January 22nd.

It would be a mistake not to pay homage to Sony, since we’re doing a Let’s Play. You know it’s ironic, now that the PS4 is the King of the Hill again (we love Mike Judge!!), Sony decides to take some of that love they’ve banked and withdraw it on the game community. Oh well. We all have our moments of unclear-thinking especially after that 9th Rum & Coke. Just like that time you tried do the ol’ yawn and drop the arm around her… For her sake and ours with Sony & Let’s Play – DENIED!

Back to our Let’s Play. Death by Game Show starts getting more challenging her as you not only have to rubbing your tummy, yet also pat your head as the flying iTCe‘s arrive.

Cold Hard Cash Money in Death by Game Show

If Death by Game Show wasn’t cool enough, Oointah wants to reward those players who showcase and customize the game with Steam cash prizes! Each month the best shared content could win $100. This means if you make an awesome Italian language pack and other players love it, you’ll get $100 Steam funds to spend. You can also win the reward for sharing awesome screenshots and videos with us.

To clarify only two prizes will be given out each month and we’ll provide an announcement of rules on the games 22nd of January launch. So please look out for that.

Not only do we want to reward you for playing our game, we want to expand the game with new modes and features, which have been planned across the first six months of release. We want our single player content and customization options to grow and remain fresh.

Each month from February we’ll be showcasing the best community uploads, the best screenshots or videos… And other entertaining content in a periodic show called “The Death by Game Show Show.”    

Our goal is, at the end of month six to decide whether to develop competitive multiplayer and if so, who are the best Death by Game Show players and contributors to help us shape it. Could it be you? If it’s not, then Huell and Kuby will take it all and split it with Saul Goodman. Mr. White will not be happy.

Let’s Play – Death by Game Show: The First Three Levels

Today our own and illustrious TC (aka the Man of Love) takes us on a Death by Game Show ride with the first three levels of the game. In this Let’s Play video, TC is all hep’d up on Pepsi and gives us some insight and back-story on the game and its origin.

If you don’t know, Death by Game Show arrives on Steam – Yeah, THAT Steam – on January 22nd, 2016. That’s like only… a bunch of days away.

The game is chock full of twitch-action and strategy goodness, plus badges, leaderboards, Steam workshop, and full controller support. Pretty sexy, huh?!

This is Death By Game Show & Money Ain’t No Thang

Yes, we changed the title of the game after Steam Greenlight. And?  

Yep, iLikeMoney (or, How I Almost Died on a Game Show) is a fun title but it sounded casual, it sounded mobile. We’re neither! We’re like Lemmy – sedentary and hardcore!

There is a fine line between smart and @sshole and with that title (and the too-soon Lemmy reference) we had to reel it back in. It was simply too much for some people and sometimes being too big hurts – Never happened to us, yet we’re told that’s what she said. The key thing is Death by Game Show fits our gameplay like a bespoke suit.

So what else is different between our Greenlight and final product? Good question. Hmmm… We’ll hit you with what we’ve deliberately missed – localizations and multiplayer. Two big things we know…  

The simple truth is, until we know if people give-a-sh*t we have to hold back. Our plan is to roll out new features and support the game. Short term’isms: localizations, practice modes, fun modes and supporting the customization tools. Long term’isms: coop, asymmetric and competitive multiplayer.  

To quote Ferris Bueller, “I don’t believe in ‘isms, I just believe in me.”