2016 and How Oointah Needs You

Death by Game Show is different. It’s truly skill based. It’s incredibly difficult. It requires you to play to win! Yes, PLAY TO WIN – not watch Netflix while randomly glancing back to the gaming screen.

It is because of the above that we are uncertain of how successful Death by Game Show will be. We are hopeful you get it, enjoy it and find it fun. We hope you find the customization interesting and that you’re inspired to support it via your own creativity. We feel uncertain about just how many people actually want a challenge?

We know some will hate it for it’s difficulty, rudeness, silliness or… a host of other things. However, please realize we’ve tried to make something different. Yes we’ve been influenced, but being unique was of big importance to us, too. We want to build a brand that considers and uses your feedback to help it take shape and grow.  

We have some big plans between launch (tomorrow) and June. We’s like to expand single player with some new modes, support the customization elements and build an unlockable backstory voice over. However, your feedback is a priority in moving us forward. We will take what you say seriously, so be honest and constructive where you can.

Take care and wish us luck!