Cold Hard Cash Money in Death by Game Show

If Death by Game Show wasn’t cool enough, Oointah wants to reward those players who showcase and customize the game with Steam cash prizes! Each month the best shared content could win $100. This means if you make an awesome Italian language pack and other players love it, you’ll get $100 Steam funds to spend. You can also win the reward for sharing awesome screenshots and videos with us.

To clarify only two prizes will be given out each month and we’ll provide an announcement of rules on the games 22nd of January launch. So please look out for that.

Not only do we want to reward you for playing our game, we want to expand the game with new modes and features, which have been planned across the first six months of release. We want our single player content and customization options to grow and remain fresh.

Each month from February we’ll be showcasing the best community uploads, the best screenshots or videos… And other entertaining content in a periodic show called “The Death by Game Show Show.”    

Our goal is, at the end of month six to decide whether to develop competitive multiplayer and if so, who are the best Death by Game Show players and contributors to help us shape it. Could it be you? If it’s not, then Huell and Kuby will take it all and split it with Saul Goodman. Mr. White will not be happy.