Huge train on Steamgifts that is helping us get noticed

In what has been a turbulent eight months since release and a journey where we’ve met a lot of wonderful people, Tchii and LavaU have broken the mold.  

Not only are they streaming the game regularly but Tchii has started a fantastic Steamgifts train which is both immense in scale and generosity.  

You can find the train here.  

We just want to thank Tchii and the LavaU group for their support.  

We also want to thank everyone who has played the game, provided feedback and helped us grow.

Please support us by checking out the trailer and letting us know your thoughts.  

As a little thank you, if we can reach 10,000 wishlists the game will go on a week long 60% sale in October.  

Please follow us on Twitter, YouTube or add the game to your wishlist if it interests you. Also please check out our Steam Group for Death by Game Show.