We’re not in Kansas anymore

Games aren’t games anymore, they are visual representations of scientific laboratories chemically tricking your brain into addiction, false social value, and self-worth. And yes, we are game developers admitting that.

Everything you see is timed and limited to a set of principles of how best to create dopamine and then cut you off before the senses nullify. It’s constant with mobile games and now, overthrowing indie and AAA with analytics showcasing the best way to extract every dime from your wallet.

Games have become manipulation, and we’re now in a rat race for who can manipulate consumers the best because a good game can’t compete with a chemically induced nirvana built for the lowest common denominator.

It sounds like a Publishers and Developers wet dream, simple games that earn money, but it is a scenario grown out of necessity rather than choice.

Users have more variety and have an infinite ability to be fickle with new experiences and ideas. Some users if they get stuck, they leave. If they die, they give up. If they have to learn-to-play rather than instantly win, they blame the game. Everything leads to a user refunding or never loading the game again – both outcomes are bad considering 80% of a budget these days is being spent on User Acquisition, paid ads or other paid coverage.

The truth is, Publishers and Developers make familiar, safe games because they want the masses to buy (or play).

So to all those gamers who are screaming out for something different, something challenging and unique – if you don’t support such titles with your wallet Publishers will never care about you and therefore games will continue being made for the lowest common denominator in the masses. And we know that is a pretty low bar.

Support the creative. Support the different. Support honesty and perhaps the games industry will once again be driven by creativity rather than quantitative values and dopamine tricks.

From old school hard to newschool friendly

Since Death by Game Show released a fair amount has been made of its difficulty, frustration and learning curve.

We listened to the vocal majority who demand challenge and gratification via skill. The problem being, the most vocal aren’t supporting the game.

With this in mind, it’s time to forget our own goals and look at what can become of this game if the challenge is re-shaped.

What this means is increased rewards, reduced early challenge, and refined freedom.

Expect more information soon as our next patch is defined and fully announced.

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