Another Year, Another Consideration

We’ve had some more feedback during the Steam Winter Sale and it’s pretty darn clear Death by Game Show is too hard, too unintuitive and worst still, doesn’t fit our envisioned target audience.  

The reason it’s too hard is simple, it’s meant to be old school arcade and we’re still being blamed for players not reducing the difficulty.  

The reason it’s unintuitive is simple, it’s not an obvious hybrid and requires trial and error.  You need to know the inputs and react, or plan to win – like in Dark Souls.  All of which making it less familiar and more complicated than traditional casual strategy games.  

The big realization is that we’ve been focused on pitching Death by Game Show as an action strategy game for twenty something core gamers but our art style, humor, and genre hybrid isn’t resonating with that target audience.  

With all three in mind, our next patch which has been in the works for a while (thanks to Unity changes) will focus on reducing difficulty via AI speed and HP.  It will condense as many inputs as possible, automating or removing where possible so that it is more obvious for casual gamers – and finally – all marketing going forwards from the patch will target casual audiences.

Fingers crossed 2017 will become year of the Game Show!

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