If it’s not twitching, it’s likely dead already

In a galaxy far far away, and one we’ve likely been ported from unknowingly, the Nike slogan is Don’t Do It and everyone wants to run into the light rather than stay away from it.

What am I on about? Positivity. Momentum. And more importantly positive momentum… Or Deja vu as the case maybe.

We at Oointah have been casting our rod (oy vey) in all directions trying to reel in some momentum, or at least get struck by some positive lighting. Death by Game Show might only be twitching right now but it hasn’t hit that icy Antartic wall and sunk.

Our weird as f*** PC/Mac and Linux game goes into its virginal bundle on April 26th thanks to Bundle Stars and we’ll be rocking multiple 90% off sales between now and June.

So if you have any interest in spanking the minions of an evil dictator, using strategy and arcade like reflexes in a comedic, hard as nails game check it out below. It’s good, we promise.

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