Click here to find 5 extreme marketing blah blah blah

If you’ve clicked here actually looking for 5 extreme marketing blah blah blah’s, there is no help for you. Go away.

If you’ve come here to see a person coming to a realization via the land of Oz then “this be the place Captain!”

I am officially giving up on the marketing nonsense.

Everyone is happy to pump out their marketing tips but having spent the best part of 2 years trying to put almost all of them into action I’ve come to the conclusion. They are all full of **it!

“Ye travelers on the interwebz be too savvy for the old ways Captain…”

And by this I mean, people don’t give a damn about your 50% scroll popups, exit-intent call-to-actions or the video ads you’re pumping out flooding the borders and baselines of every website willing to take your money.

Remember the days when all you needed was a big rounded edged button saying “BUY NOW MOFO!” and it worked? Funny right.

Marketing is no longer about getting the attention with a snazzy button, popups, freebies, prizes, (add an infinite amount of items here).

This is the only marketing tip you need. You ready?

Your content is your marketing.

BOOM. Your head spins, explodes and brain matter splatters on all four walls right?

Why couldn’t these marketing “experts” (term used loosely) just say that and save me 2 years?

Forget everything, focus on your content because THAT is the only way to get peoples attention.

I’ve come to consider marketing like this…

I am watching the game on TV. An ad break starts. My attention goes to my phone or tablet, whichever is nearest. Or the bathroom if no technology is nearby (grabbing tech on my way of course). I look at what is being said about the game online and as the ads end, I go back to the game.

I don’t want my marketing to be the ads in this scenario. I want my marketing to be the game.

So rather than trying to ram a sales pitch down some average Joe’s throat via ads, pop-ups and other “please look at me” avenues try to turn your sales pitch into content your target audience wants to invest their eyeballs into.

This doesn’t mean stop buying exposure. It just means making sure what you’re exposing doesn’t turn people off. Like that one time you… with the jacket… in the park… the court case…  remember?

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