New app in development

Hurrah I hear you say.

Well, hold those horses as it’s not a game…

“If it’s not a game, what is it?” I hear you ask.

It’s a social tool where you try to become your sporting heroes (or villains) #1 fan (or hater).

Utilizing the SNiP100 database you’ll find and rank up your fan level for a sports personality by tapping. The greater your rank for a personality, the better your chance of becoming their #1 fan.

While competing on the weekly charts you’ll also build up your own Top 100 Fan and Hater lists which can be shared. Plus there will be daily rewards and numerous ways to accumulate more coins to vote.

It’s a simple app with the long term goal of encouraging daily voting. As all votes go back to the SNiP100 website to determine the popularity of sports stars.

This new app went into development for mobile platforms this week and we hope to have it launch within 3 months.

Finally, it will be 100% F2P and may come to the web (or even Steam for additional exposure).

To see what the SNiP100 is all about, head to their Instagram site now.

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