Hyper Super Turbo Face Fister Redux Edition

In the laboratory at Oointah Games, we’ve been busy.

We have two mobile games and an RPG Maker 8-bit Death by Game Show origin story in the works.

That’s not too shabby considering we’re also knuckling down on Death by Game Show to make it more casual friendly.

We’re still “in-development” on all projects but we’re looking at a game 100% away from Death by Game Show.

So welcome to Hyper Super Turbo Face Fister Redux Edition. A quirky game that takes the classic Punch Out and puts it on rails.

Swapping the boxing ring and replacing it with an endless office environment where you race through punching bosses and executives.

It’s a mad-dash race to escape work each day and collect as many teeth as possible to upgrade your fist weaponry from bare knuckle to iron gauntlet and beyond.

Expect more quirky ideas soon as we explore new projects and identify “life beyond Death by Game Show”.


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