Originality RIP 2017

It’s over.

Originality gave up and the gaming audience were the ones to unplug it unceremoniously.

Twenty years ago everything was a 1.0. We had new ideas everywhere and consumers were inquisitive about them.

Ten years ago everything was a 2.0. Not new, but with enough gimmicks to feel different(ish).

Now, we’re in an era of rehashed, pre-cooked, repeats and ready meals. Just look at Hollywood and the music industry. They’re on a hamster wheel going nowhere and gaming has followed.

We see, hear and play the same things with the same gimmicks over and over, ad infinitum. The only difference between each is whether Game X is backed by Influencer Y and what art style is used.

The gaming industry, like the other entertainment industries, have at best, become focused on what makes money. At worst, it’s an industry who learned how to manipulate the consumers to purely focus on what addicts, not entertains.

From the inside looking out, all is well and creating “game 3.0” based on “game 2.0” makes sense because it was successful and people loved it.

These 3.0 creators go on tour in conferences talking about the “magic” they have created and turn developer heads so that they make 4.0, which was the same as 2.0 and 1.0.

We now have 2,000,000 x “Game 37.0” on the market and still, the gaming market grows.

This proves addicts JUST want gratification in a color scheme they like.  If that wasn’t true, the market or revenue within the market would have shrunk.

The same is true for Hollywood and music. If originality was profitable it would be what the corporations chased. It doesn’t.

Familiarity gratifies addictions and it requires little effort from the creators.

Right now successful games exist where NOT PLAYING the game rewards you. So no matter what you do, you’re a winner!

Where can the industry honestly go now that users demand gratification which is easy and constant?

You don’t have time for originality, or even anything interesting or different.  You literally have seconds to hook or the user moves on.

This is why originality has died, and why interesting, intelligent, different and all the other good stuff which made gaming an art will slowly be sacrificed in the name of immediate gratification.

Just look at Hollywood and the music industry for where it’s all heading…

Boy bands, singing the same songs, doing the same dances, at the same time or…

<Add super hero name here>: Revenge of the <villain who was killed off but as we’ve reset the franchise last week we’ll use them again as the audience has ZERO connection to reality and just want to get their rocks off without firing up a single synapse in the brain>.

/Rant over.


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