Everything is getting political

The NFL is under a political spotlight and it’s fragmenting an audience who wants sport.

This is the crescendo of a scenario bubbling up since Colin Kaepernick kneeled last season for the 49ers. This is a reaction to President Trump’s speech not a melding of minds and opinion.

Most NFL teams thought they could ignore this like they ignored signing Kaepernick in the offseason. Let this sink in, “no one signed him because of the inevitable political media spotlight that would follow…”

Ironically, they are all now in that spotlight due to President Trump’s speech.

This is where media agenda takes control.

While in the spotlight it’s very easy for the media to spin your actions positively or negatively, it’s dealers (media) choice. They have the news feeds, they have the social media reach and work together to share talking points (fact). Get on the wrong side and it’s pretty much game over.

So, how is this relevant to gaming?

The gaming media is biased, driven by revenue and popularity. Remember, during GamerGate, we saw just how broken some of the gaming media was, perhaps (and probably) still is.

This is relevant because, in the next 3-5 years, it will likely be revealed how many gaming companies are using gambling mechanics to addict and manipulate those below the legal age of gambling, without warnings.

When this revelation grips the west, specifically parents of kids who are glued to their iPhones and iPads everything will explode. The entire gaming industry will be put under a spotlight.

The question is, when the gaming media has already proven itself to be biased, all about revenue and popularity, is it wise leaving the spotlight shining to them?

It’s kind of like when the NFL investigated the entire concussion scenario…

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Come on Indies, think it through

Sometimes, success should be kept under your hats indies. In particular, the success you’re having on Switch.

You may not realize this but every blog or article wrote saying “Switch rocks! Our games selling amazing, best of all platforms!” is another bat light being turned on, calling every developer to the party. Generous but ultimately suicidal.

You may take solace in the openness you have shown.  Yet, that solace will turn to burning hate as the publishers arrive.  Publishers whose solitary goal is to milk Switch users like big fat cows until empty, and you’ve just sent out the bat signal calling them… Bravo!

Those words even whispered will cause a thousand publishers ears prick up and singularly think (as there is only one brain) “let’s put our sh*t on Switch!”

So like on the Wii, Steam or XBox 360, where Indies initially thrived before the mass arrival of shovelware, clones and x.1 iteration culture. Oversaturation is now likely.  Meaning consumers get the TL: DR list of releases and ultimately gloss over before going to play whatever their friends are, what YouTubers have pushed or whatever IGN said was cool.

And so another avenue becomes clogged like an artery full of developers, marketers, and hacks.

Well done Indies.

Next up to be completely blocked like a public toilet will be AR.  At least that is what my spidey senses are saying (it’s a tingle more than a say).  Take care and muchos gracias.

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Speedball crossed with Death by Game Show

In what I consider the heyday of gaming, the Bitmap Brothers developed Speedball. A futuristic, brutal sports game which to this day remains a classic amongst Commodore Amiga fans everywhere.

What does this nostalgic tour-de-force have to do with Death by Game Show and Oointah Games?

Could Death by Game Show become a sports game?


Yardage lines mark out the distance between two end zones. Within each end zone, contraptions drop from the sky.  From those contraptions, droids rush out towards opposite end zones.

You take the role of the head coach picking what droids spawn when they spawn and calling in super defensive units that can stop an enemy attack as they close in on your end zone. Whoever gets the most droids into the opposing end zone wins.

So what else would it include?

Coaching mini-games to bolster your droids speed, health and “ball handling”. Perhaps even a fictional draft where you can sign up new cocky youngsters for insanely high wages.

It’s an idea at least.

Perhaps not the best, but our minds are on NFL season right now and it’s the only idea we’ve got.

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