Speedball crossed with Death by Game Show

In what I consider the heyday of gaming, the Bitmap Brothers developed Speedball. A futuristic, brutal sports game which to this day remains a classic amongst Commodore Amiga fans everywhere.

What does this nostalgic tour-de-force have to do with Death by Game Show and Oointah Games?

Could Death by Game Show become a sports game?


Yardage lines mark out the distance between two end zones. Within each end zone, contraptions drop from the sky.  From those contraptions, droids rush out towards opposite end zones.

You take the role of the head coach picking what droids spawn when they spawn and calling in super defensive units that can stop an enemy attack as they close in on your end zone. Whoever gets the most droids into the opposing end zone wins.

So what else would it include?

Coaching mini-games to bolster your droids speed, health and “ball handling”. Perhaps even a fictional draft where you can sign up new cocky youngsters for insanely high wages.

It’s an idea at least.

Perhaps not the best, but our minds are on NFL season right now and it’s the only idea we’ve got.

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