The Sony Switchtendo

Imagine a world without wars. Forum boards and YouTube videos will calm and all gamers will live in harmony.

I did mean console wars…

Over the last few years, the boundaries have softened. The big M (not McDonald’s) seem to have lowered the guard with crossplay, sharing their Minecraft brand and ultimately opening the doors for modding and all manner of shared experiences.

Both Sony and Nintendo embraced indies but it was the big N who shocked all with their IP’s going to mobile, both Pokemon Go and Super Mario Run thrived. Not to mention their IP crossover with Zelda + Dynasty Warriors and Mario + Rabbids have proven to be popular. Nintendo seemed to be following Microsoft’s lead by opening up their platforms.

That just left Sony to make a move and sure enough, they did. Sony is to publish games on PC and the Nintendo Switch.

Now before you PS4 fanboys kickoff, let’s look at the facts. It’s not like The Last of Us will be getting a Switch release. It’s more a separate publishing group that pushes indie games…

Who knows where it will end but it does seem like all majors are looking to a future where platforms are less important than IP’s.

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