DbyGS Doc

Wrong about VR

Last week I said Virtual Reality (VR) wasn’t the future.

I was wrong.

VR is an experience. Imagine watching Star Wars: The Last Jedi in VR?

The scenes and story unfolding around you. With 3D sound and crystal clear fidelity. It would be unlike any experience… That could be the future of VR. Epic, but sporadic.

My perspective changed while experiencing Everest VR. My mind flipped. VR isn’t for the day-to-day. It’s not going to overtake gaming, or education, or training. It’s just a branch of our digital future.

VR will forever be held back by price, complexity, and fidelity. For sure, these factors will improve but that curve, to achieve mainstream will forever put VR behind Augmented Reality (AR).

However, where AR is for the day-to-day mundane. VR is for the epic moments.

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