Tomorrow’s World

Oointah started with game development in 2015 but has evolved in its pursuits. Our perspective now only looks at the future.  A future quickly racing closer.

This doesn’t mean we’ve stopped looking at games.  In 2018 we are looking at two variations of Death by Game Show. Both will be completed by development partners. These include:
– The first title should be released in the first quarter of 2018 on mobile and is an idle miner style game.
– The second title will be a late 2018 release on mobile. This will be a team battler like Star Wars Galaxy Conquest.

Both of these projects take Death by Game Show and it’s characters in new directions, under new intellectual properties, to new platforms and we’re excited to see how they are received.

2017 was a tough year. We’ve worked hard to find partners to take Death by Game Show forwards while turning our attention to systems.

During 2017 we’ve built a new sports system that crawls major social platforms. Every time an athlete is mentioned it is counted and collectively forms rankings called the SNIPdaily. Over time, this data creates a story of popularity, enabling us to track the growth of an athlete in the eyes of sports media and sports fans.

Now the SNIPdaily project is live and automated we’re moving it’s functionality into new verticals as we seek how best to utilize the tools built.

In sports, the data shows comparative models between NFL, NBA, UFC and other sports. This is a measurement showing how sports rank against each other, how athletes perform in the eyes of the media, on social media, and where leagues are missing marketing momentum.

In new verticals, with similar data, we believe trends and patterns will give us unknown advantages.  Our interest in data and systems is nothing new and we aim to continue down this avenue during 2018.

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