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What and when is Patch 1.03?

Hey everyone, we’re hard at work on patch 1.03 and wanted to give you a quick rundown of what’s being done next: Adding several new audio tracks. Adding a toggle to turn off the background signs. This allows you to see as much or as little of the background story/context as you like. Making challenges […]

Death by Game Show 1.02 Available

Death by Game Show 1.02 has arrived and we’re calling it the “Look Ma, We’ve Fixed Stuff” patch. We’ve continued to listen to feedback, improving the game play with some key changes that can be seen below. When you enter a rocket at the end of a challenge all buildings and consumable droids with adequate […]

2016 and How Oointah Needs You

Death by Game Show is different. It’s truly skill based. It’s incredibly difficult. It requires you to play to win! Yes, PLAY TO WIN – not watch Netflix while randomly glancing back to the gaming screen. It is because of the above that we are uncertain of how successful Death by Game Show will be. […]

Death By Game Show vs One Billion Dollars

The other day we reached out a guy who’s business card describes himself as “Smoke Blower.” No, really. When we inquired, he told us for a nominal fee that he’d literally blow smoke up our @ss. We exchanged some cash and asked him for his prediction on the first month for Death by Game Show. […]

Cold Hard Cash Money in Death by Game Show

If Death by Game Show wasn’t cool enough, Oointah wants to reward those players who showcase and customize the game with Steam cash prizes! Each month the best shared content could win $100. This means if you make an awesome Italian language pack and other players love it, you’ll get $100 Steam funds to spend. You can also […]