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Tomorrow’s World

Oointah started with game development in 2015 but has evolved in its pursuits. Our perspective now only looks at the future.  A future quickly racing closer. This doesn’t mean we’ve stopped looking at games.  In 2018 we are looking at two variations of Death by Game Show. Both will be completed by development partners. These […]

The year Marketing ruled

Games are designed around a perpetual loop. From grind, through progression and into gratification. These three steps are repeated ad infinitum throughout the content of a game. At the dawn of indie gaming, creativity stood tall.  Platforms and consumers wanted the best content because it mattered. Time changes everything.  Platforms no longer need quality.  They […]

Star Wars The Last EA Game?

Well well well… What’s happening here then? Since the launch of Star Wars Battlefront II, EA’s stock has lost $6bn in value. This is an extraordinary drop considering it coincided with what was arguably the biggest game release of the year. The old saying of “you could put the Star Wars brand on a stick […]

EA’s lost the Battlefront but will win the war

If you play games and don’t live under a rock you’ll likely know that EA’s flagship Star Wars property Battlefront 2 launches November 17th. If you know that, you’ll also know that EA has been under fire from the gaming community because of it. Firstly, EA got community backlash over their decision to put all […]

Everything is fuelled by big data

The title may sound extreme but all businesses thrive on knowing their customer. Well, they did. It’s now only about what the data shows. This puts data scientists at the forefront of customer services as they are the ones extracting via extensive consumer tracking. This scares the living sh*t out of me as the logic-minded […]

Hyprotransactions and next level profiteering

While some of us struggle to give our games away, some manage to achieve the next level of profiteering. From Player Unknowns Battleground to <insert any major AAA here>, it’s rife and it’s tiring gamers out. So what is exactly rife? * Selling a season pass without showing what it includes. * Adding microtransactions to […]

The Sony Switchtendo

Imagine a world without wars. Forum boards and YouTube videos will calm and all gamers will live in harmony. I did mean console wars… Over the last few years, the boundaries have softened. The big M (not McDonald’s) seem to have lowered the guard with crossplay, sharing their Minecraft brand and ultimately opening the doors […]

Wrong about VR

Last week I said Virtual Reality (VR) wasn’t the future. I was wrong. VR is an experience. Imagine watching Star Wars: The Last Jedi in VR? The scenes and story unfolding around you. With 3D sound and crystal clear fidelity. It would be unlike any experience… That could be the future of VR. Epic, but […]

The future of technology, not just gaming

Virtual Reality (VR) was the killer product in the not so distant past.  The idea behind Oculus excited more than just gamers. Educators, scientists, and creators flocked behind the idea and like any movement, investor hitched upon its back turning possibility into reality. So… now we can see where VR stands, let’s be honest, it’s […]

Unfamiliarity killed the cat

What is it with this player versus boss genre? I get it, gaming is in a rat race of simplification and everything pre-gratification is expendable. Imagine Metroid Prime without all the exploration and only the boss battles… Yeah, it’s not as good is it BUT that reduction is where we’re headed. Just look at Absolver, […]