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Everything is getting political

The NFL is under a political spotlight and it’s fragmenting an audience who wants sport. This is the crescendo of a scenario bubbling up since Colin Kaepernick kneeled last season for the 49ers. This is a reaction to President Trump’s speech not a melding of minds and opinion. Most NFL teams thought they could ignore […]

Come on Indies, think it through

Sometimes, success should be kept under your hats indies. In particular, the success you’re having on Switch. You may not realize this but every blog or article wrote saying “Switch rocks! Our games selling amazing, best of all platforms!” is another bat light being turned on, calling every developer to the party. Generous but ultimately […]

Speedball crossed with Death by Game Show

In what I consider the heyday of gaming, the Bitmap Brothers developed Speedball. A futuristic, brutal sports game which to this day remains a classic amongst Commodore Amiga fans everywhere. What does this nostalgic tour-de-force have to do with Death by Game Show and Oointah Games? Could Death by Game Show become a sports game? […]

How do you improve on a match-3?

At Oointah Games everything is on the table and this week we’ve been shoveling through ideas for “what next?” While the world is focused on AR, VR, nuclear war, and equality for all we’ve been looking for the holy grail of concepts. What is better than a Match-3? A Match-2.  Boom! You may wonder where […]

Originality RIP 2017

It’s over. Originality gave up and the gaming audience were the ones to unplug it unceremoniously. Twenty years ago everything was a 1.0. We had new ideas everywhere and consumers were inquisitive about them. Ten years ago everything was a 2.0. Not new, but with enough gimmicks to feel different(ish). Now, we’re in an era […]

New app in development

Hurrah I hear you say. Well, hold those horses as it’s not a game… “If it’s not a game, what is it?” I hear you ask. It’s a social tool where you try to become your sporting heroes (or villains) #1 fan (or hater). Utilizing the SNiP100 database you’ll find and rank up your fan […]

Click here to find 5 extreme marketing blah blah blah

If you’ve clicked here actually looking for 5 extreme marketing blah blah blah’s, there is no help for you. Go away. If you’ve come here to see a person coming to a realization via the land of Oz then “this be the place Captain!” I am officially giving up on the marketing nonsense. Everyone is […]

We’re doing an RPG Maker

I know, I know. How can we go from trying to make something unique like Death by Game Show to using RPG Maker? Well, hold onto your horses as it makes sense. Trust me. We’re not looking at RPG Maker to tell an intricate JRPG story but rather a series of fun-sized F2P episodes looking […]