A summary of Mayweather versus McGregor for gamers

If I was to compare the big fight to a game it would be easy.

Just think No Mans Sky.

Lots of hype followed by the realization, it was all bullsh*t.

The only real difference is that Hello Games offered a refund and have been working hard to put right what they completely misrepresented during their runaway hype train.

The big difference is that, Hello Games had their feet held to the fire by consumers, there will be no such reaction by fight fans.

The media are already spinning it into a valiant effort by McGregor but they must have watched a different fight as a UFC champ should not be out of breath by the third round, nor should the fight be an exchange of love taps with a smiling Mayweather.  Especially after all the talk.  Would you gamers be okay with that?

It would be like the gaming media coming out in full support of No Mans Sky after its launch.  Giving it 9/10’s and hailing it as a valiant effort to create the game they had promised via all the hype. The gaming media would be held to the fire.  It’s not happening by fight fans.

Perhaps you gamers have more principles, or are more consumer savvy than fight fans? It’s plausible.

So while you pushed Hello Games into making their product better, these promotion and fighter charlatans have literally lied their way into hundreds of millions of dollars. Anyone would think they were bankers…

The only question that lingers now is whether the fight has done damage to the brands of boxing and UFC?

For Hello Games and No Mans Sky, if they didn’t yield to consumers their brand would have wilted and died.


McGregor will return to the UFC with the same swagger and KO’s. Everyone will forget the Great McMayweather consumer robbery because no one has the balls to stand up.  Fight fans need some tips from gamers it seems.


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New app in development

Hurrah I hear you say.

Well, hold those horses as it’s not a game…

“If it’s not a game, what is it?” I hear you ask.

It’s a social tool where you try to become your sporting heroes (or villains) #1 fan (or hater).

Utilizing the SNiP100 database you’ll find and rank up your fan level for a sports personality by tapping. The greater your rank for a personality, the better your chance of becoming their #1 fan.

While competing on the weekly charts you’ll also build up your own Top 100 Fan and Hater lists which can be shared. Plus there will be daily rewards and numerous ways to accumulate more coins to vote.

It’s a simple app with the long term goal of encouraging daily voting. As all votes go back to the SNiP100 website to determine the popularity of sports stars.

This new app went into development for mobile platforms this week and we hope to have it launch within 3 months.

Finally, it will be 100% F2P and may come to the web (or even Steam for additional exposure).

To see what the SNiP100 is all about, head to their Instagram site now.

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