Death by Game Show Giveaway and Super Sale

From December 22nd to January 2nd Death by Game Show is fighting the Indieapocolypse and needs your help!  

Each day we’ll give away a number of game keys on varying YouTube, Twitter, Websites and Steam Groups.  The amount we giveaway is completely influenced by YOU!!!!

The more you share, like and retweet the source you found that key the more we’ll give away the next day.  It’s that simple.  So support this network, be loud, be vocal and most of all, earn free keys for all!  

And don’t stop the fun there, if by the 2nd of January we can get a further 5000 Death by Game Show keys activated we’ll give away Steam Cards to those on the leaderboard.  

So double dip this Winter and help Death by Game Show out the Indieapocolypse by spreading the word about our mad, end of the world, giveaway antics.  

You can find out about keys at Lava U, the link is below:

You can also check out our new trailer on YouTube:

Good luck, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Please follow us on Twitter, YouTube or add the game to your wishlist if it interests you. Also please check out our Steam Group for Death by Game Show.

Brand new Death by Game Show trailer!

We are proud to unveil the new Death by Game Show trailer. Less chaotic, more clarity and hopefully enough BOOM to make it stand out. Let us know your thoughts on social media or on Steam.

Please leave feedback on Twitter, YouTube or at our Death by Game Show Steam Group.

Let’s Play – Death by Game Show: Level 4 thru 6

We’re going 4 to 6 deep today with a brand new Let’s Play from Death by Game Show, which lands on Steam and the other great (but not good) PC game distributors of love on January 22nd.

It would be a mistake not to pay homage to Sony, since we’re doing a Let’s Play. You know it’s ironic, now that the PS4 is the King of the Hill again (we love Mike Judge!!), Sony decides to take some of that love they’ve banked and withdraw it on the game community. Oh well. We all have our moments of unclear-thinking especially after that 9th Rum & Coke. Just like that time you tried do the ol’ yawn and drop the arm around her… For her sake and ours with Sony & Let’s Play – DENIED!

Back to our Let’s Play. Death by Game Show starts getting more challenging her as you not only have to rubbing your tummy, yet also pat your head as the flying iTCe‘s arrive.