Death by Game Show

Death by Game Show is a 26th century Tower Defense game that drops you into the middle of the action.  Droids have taken over the world and while most of the remaning human population is hopelessly stupid,  you’re not and because of that you’ve been sentenced to Death by Game Show. With a perverted sense of humor from watching 20th century TV and movies, the droids have chained you to a GameShow Intimidation Masheen of Pwnage locker.

You have been sentenced to rehabilitation (with a high probability of death) for being too smart, yet have one last shot to save yourself on the on the game show. You start with only a couple of stupid droids to help you, yet you collect and build an army. Bring smarts and use your droid and weapon spawns wisely; distract, counter, overwhelm and snare.

Release Date

It’s out now on Steam!


PC, Mac, and Linux

Game Features

  • Blast through 50 challenges of rehabilitation; cause destruction, fight for survival and attempt to win it big for leaderboard glory.
  • 10 different cheap-@ss droids including the roller-skating ninja Madichin and the toothy, British airborne bomb dropper RD-SLK.
  • 10 WTF-defensive weapons & buildings that feature “Upgrayedd” technology, including:
    • Yeah B*tch! Magnets! – a giant toaster that shoots oversized exploding magnets.
    • The Scrote Hammer – a set of swinging hammers that crush nuts.
    • Spitter Swallow – you’ll get a facial (the lethal kind) from this weapon.
    • Angriff Attack – insane nanobots that chew a$$… Tasty, tasty a$$.
    • Rust in Peace – delivers a Megadeth-sized barrel of bereavement.
    • Rectal Furnace – power begets power begets stink.
  • High-resolution glory. Up to 1920 x 1080 running at 60FPS.
  • Build your own challenges with a robust editor included within the game. Share challenges and beat your friends.