Oointah Rant: The Game Awards Kudos & the PlayStation Experience Diss

On the last rant we took a couple of jabs at The Game Award nominations and feel vindicated in many ways as some categories were a mockery (see our previous rant to see why). It’s good being right. Anyway, onwards and erm…  onwards. So what did I think of The Game Awards? It was spot […]

Meet RD-SLK from Plunder/p

Did you ever see The Office – we’re talking about the UK version with Ricky Gervais? We love it. Brilliant. Right up there with Arrested Development (Season 1 through 3) and The Simpsons (Seasons 2 through 6).

Monday Game Dev: From Trabant in Prototype to Ferrari During Alpha?

We are now eleven weeks into our first Oointah title and the last three of those have been a real journey. What started out as a sandbox RTS is now an arcade high-score game. Yep, your right – this does sound like a full re-design but on this occasion it strangely isn’t.  Our only real […]

Is the end of your prick safe?

Plunder/p Defense Building: Yeah Bitch! Magnets!

We were Day One when Breaking Bad premiered January 20th, 2008. As a result of our love for the show, our first building that will reveal in iLikeMoney is a nod to the dumbest smart guy television has ever known: Jesse Pinkman. This defensive structure is known as Yeah Bitch! Magnets! in the game.

Meet Doc Peapot from Plunder/p

With wrench in hand and droid anatomy on the brain, Doc Pea-pot tightens bolts and fixes robot boo-boos. When on the frontline Doc Peapot cannot deal damage but continuously heals over time and upon destruction sends a cascading wave of energy to recover more HP.

Oointah Rant: The Game Awards Nominees

Let’s not hide from the truth, we are geeks and we’re guessing if you love games as much as us – you’re a geek too. No, don’t hide it – wear that cape with pride. We love that Geoff Keighley has created The Game Awards – everyone loves a good party especially when it’s broadcast live on Twitch (among other places). Having said […]

Meet PinkrTON from Plunder/p

What idiot decided to give mortars to droids – the same one who programmed it to think it’s a gangster and include classic lines from Breaking Bad. When on the frontline PinkrTON adds splash damage to its allies attacks, with high damage and low HP the PinkrTON is the good, the bad and definitely the […]