Got a question for us? Need some information?

How do you pronounce Oointah?

It’s so easy. Oo like Moo. In like In. And tah like tah. Or you can go straight to the source. It’s so nice.

When will Death by Game Show be released?

Death by Game Show was released for Windows/Mac/Linux on January 22, 2016.

Do you have a press kit available for the game?

To quote the legendary Curly Howard: “Why Certainly!” You can find the Death by Game Show press kit right here.

I’d like to give Death by Game Show some YouTube and/or Twitch love. Cool?

Cool? Of course that’s cool. It’s sexier than a Mila Kunis & Natalie Portman flick.

Please contact us (via the form below) and we’ll make every effort to get you some Steam keys to check out the game.

What about German, Japanese, Polish, French or other language’s of gaming love?

Before we can officially support your language of choice, we want to get Death by Game Show into the wild, get your feedback, and have it purring like a pussy cat. Once that pussy cat is satisfied, we definitely plan to add support for the other great languages of the world.

The good news is we built tools into the game (easy to edit XML files), so localizing the game text is very simple.