The future of technology, not just gaming

Virtual Reality (VR) was the killer product in the not so distant past.  The idea behind Oculus excited more than just gamers. Educators, scientists, and creators flocked behind the idea and like any movement, investor hitched upon its back turning possibility into reality.

So… now we can see where VR stands, let’s be honest, it’s not exactly at the forefront of any development agenda – worst still, it’s not on many consumers wishlists. It’s bulky, it’s restrictive, it’s often nauseating, and worst still, it’s not all that exciting once the head tilt and warp-to-position mechanics are grown tired of.

VR could come to fruition once prices drop and technology matches expectations. Yet, long before that happens another technology, far more useful and interesting has leaped up into the periphery of educators, scientists, creators, and investors…

Augmented Reality (AR).

Why will this catch on, where VR failed to ignite?

Firstly, AR is accessible. It’s via your phone.

Secondly, AR is familiar. It’s like using your phone as a camera.

Thirdly, AR is all about the software. Granted, older devices can’t use ARkit but consumers change phones like they change socks, so ARkit ready devices will become common.

Finally, AR is useful. From scanning barcodes in a supermarket to check if a product is cheaper elsewhere through to interior design, placing digital furniture in your home to see how it looks before you buy it… The skies are literally the limits with AR.

AR is 100% the future. Whether you want more digital in your life or not, it’s going to happen – mostly because Apple has decided such.

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